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61. ROSALIE GASCOIGNE Danegeld 1995 image
By Anonymous
11 Apr 2017

Rosalie Gascoigne embarked on her career as an artist at the age of 57, and experienced an unprecedented and meteoric rise to the summit of Australian art. Gascoigne first exhibited at Macquarie Galleries, Canberra in 1974, however it was her inclusion in the Artist’s Choice exhibition at...

62. ARTHUR BOYD The Lovers 1962 image
By Gavin Fry
11 Apr 2017

In 1958 Arthur Boyd was given significant recognition with an invitation to exhibit at the Venice Biennale. In a somewhat unexpected pairing, he was to be shown alongside Sir Arthur Streeton (1867-1943), Australia’s most significant painter of the previous generation who had died fifteen years...

63. LLOYD REES Afterglow (Sunset & Moonrise) 1987 image
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
11 Apr 2017

Lloyd Rees is known as one of the great interpreters of the Australian landscape. He has alternated between ‘light and dark moods’ throughout his artistic career; with earlier European-inspired works favouring lead as a medium, to his later works where titanium white was used freely, ‘...

64. SIDNEY NOLAN Kate Kelly Pursued by Constable Fitzpatrick c1945 image
By Richard Haese
11 Apr 2017

Sidney Nolan’s universally acclaimed achievement is the first Ned Kelly series of paintings produced while the artist lived at Heide, the home of John and Sunday Reed, and first exhibited in Melbourne in 1948. 27 of these celebrated paintings were donated by Sunday Reed to the...

65. ROSALIE GASCOIGNE Africa 1995 image
By Marina Brennan, BA (Hons)
11 Apr 2017


As vision grows I see more. I bring back materials from the landscape and place them around. Little things lying on ledges, or laid out on the floor or in the garden. They are then available to be looked at in my space. As things are moved about, there are...

66. SIDNEY NOLAN Bird 1948 image
By Rodney James BA (Hons.), MA
11 Apr 2017

Sidney Nolan was a great lover of birds and of all things avian. Birds and flight reappear time and again in his paintings and drawings. Several important bird paintings were produced in 1948, following an extended tour of Central, Far North and Western Australia. These are now universally...

67. ARTHUR BOYD Butterfly Hunter 1969 image
By Anne Phillips MA
11 Apr 2017

Although painted at a time when Arthur Boyd had been residing in London for a decade, Butterfly Hunter (1969) harks back to his wartime years and a previous work of the same name from 1943 which he presented to the National Gallery of Australia in 1975.

The 1943 version is...

68. WILLIAM DOBELL Study for the Matriarch c1967 image
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
11 Apr 2017

In 1945, William Dobell moved to the small New South Wales coastal town of Wangi Wangi to seek a quieter existence. Two years before, the artist had won Australia’s most prestigious award for portraiture, the Archibald Prize, for his portrait of Joshua Smith. Following the artist’s win, two...

Lot 15. TOM ROBERTS Eaglehawk Neck 1925 image
By Anonymous
10 Jan 2017

The later paintings by Tom Roberts occupy a singular place in his career. In comparison to the famous '9 x 5s' painted early on in the artist’s career, and the great Shearing the Rams (1890) and Bailed Up (1895), his late paintings, mainly produced from about...

16. TOM ROBERTS Untitled (Dandenongs Landscape) 1923 image
By Catherine Baxendale
09 Jan 2017

On 6 January 1923, Tom and Lillie Roberts departed England on board the Suevic, bound for Melbourne. The last two decades abroad had represented a ‘black period’ for the artist: his anticipated magnum opus – The Opening of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia (...